King Vine/Vain

(Under Corson)

Dates: Jun 11th – Jun 20th

Position: Night Demon

Direction: North

Planet: Sun

Metal: Gold

Element: Water

Colour:  Yellow

Plant: Mallow

Incense: Frankincense

Zodiac:  Gemini

Gems: Yellow Jasper, Amber Calcite, Chrysoberyl, Gold Apatite, Yellow Aventurine, Imperial Topaz, Lemon Quartz, Heliodor, Sulphur, Yellow Calcite, Yellow Sphene, Golden Healer Quartz

Enn:  Eyesta nas Vine ca laris


They have the power to take one’s soul without permission. Though according to spiritual teachings, one demon must ask permission from Satan before taking a soul, and Satan must get permission from God. They can tell present, past and future, discover witches and hidden things, create storms and make the water rough by means of these storms, bring down walls and build towers.