Readings By Krys

Krys uses the Old English Tarot deck for readings of a high quality and calibre.  All prices include GST and are in Australian dollars.  If you want a qualifier card pulled it is extra.

      • 3 Card Read  – $30                            
      • 5 Card Read – $50                             
      • 7 Card Read –  $70                             
      • 10 Card Read  – $95                          
      • 12 Card Read – $125                      
      • Qualifier Cards – $10 per card     

Please note all readings are strictly for entertainment purposes only!

Goetic Sigil Divination

$39.64 per set which includes a deck of cards in a satin pouch.  ($3.96 GST incl)

Sigil Divination 2


Hand Made Daemonic Prayer Beads

$30.00 per set.  ($3.00 GST incl)

Prayer Beads


Solid Metal Pendulum

$20.60  ($1.87 GST incl)

Solid Metal Pendulum

Selenite Pendulum

$23.08 ($2.10 GST incl)

Selenite Pendulum


Amethyst Pendulum

$32.89 ($2.99 GST incl)

Amethyst Pendulum


Pure Crystal Pendulum

$21.98 ( $2.00 GST incl)

Crystal Pendulum


Crystal Pendulum

$21.98 ($2.00 GST incl)

Crystal Pendulum

Chakra Pendulum

$21.96 ($2.00 GST incl)

chakra pendulum

Assorted Spirit Gems

(actual gems used)

$25 (incl $2.50 GST)

Assorted Spirit Gems



Where lightning strikes sand.  Fulgurites are a powerful high vibration stone for manifesting one’s visions through the power of prayer. They are stones of purification, releasing habits which no longer serve, helping to open and clear the psychic and intuitive senses in order to connect with Divine energy. It activates the kundalini energies arousing creativity, sexuality and inner power. It is an initiator of spiritual transformation grounding the Light body and manifesting one’s higher purpose through channelling Divine energy into the world.





















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