King Paimon/Paymon/Abalam

Dates: Jun 11th – Jun 21st

Position: Day Demon

Direction: West

Planet: Sun

Metal: Gold

Element: Water

Colour: Yellow

Plant: Bindweed

Incense: Frankincense

Zodiac: Gemini

Gems: Yellow Jasper, Amber Calcite, Chrysoberyl, Gold Apatite, Yellow Aventurine, Imperial Topaz, Lemon Quartz, Heliodor, Sulphur, Yellow Calcite, Yellow Sphene, Golden Healer Quartz

Enn:  Linan tasa jedan Paimon.


He provides knowledge of past and future events, clearing up doubts, making spirits appear, creating visions, acquiring and dismissing servant spirits, reanimating the dead for several years, flight, remaining underwater indefinitely, and general abilities to “make all kinds of things” (and) “all sorts of people and armor appear” at the behest of the magician.