Readings by Krys

Introducing Tarot Readings by Krys


The Dark Gate is proud to bring to you a new service just added today, readings by Krys.

Krys uses the Old English Tarot Deck to mystify you with her future predictions and insights into your personal situation.

You can find this service in the Shop section of this website.   Prices start as low as $30 dollars and go up to $120 depending on the number of cards you wish to be read in a draw. You can choose from the following;

      • 3 Card Reading
      • 5 Card Reading
      • 7 Card Reading
      • 10 Card Reading
      • 12 Card Reading

If you require clarification on a card you can request a qualifier be pulled and this costs $10.



Please note that all readings are for entertainment purposes only!


Goetic Sigil Divination

Sigil Divination 2

Sigil divination is now in stock.  This book is about how to perform a Goetic divination using the sigils of the 72 demons of the Goetia.  The book retails for $39.64 including postage.

Combining Rituals and Spell Work

Ritual Circle


Whether you combine rituals and spell work depends on whether you enjoy the minutia of ritual execution or not.  I personally will rarely combine rituals with spell work simply because I cannot be bothered prolonging a ritual to include works.  This is mostly because I am time poor as many people are.


Most invocational and evocational rituals will include works in the form of petitions.  This is a minor work that involves a petition to the Daemonic divine to get help.   I say its minor because the petition is just written on a piece of paper and there is little by way of preparation for it.  There are of course major works that can be incorporated into rituals as well.  Many years ago, a young man came to me for help breaking up with his girlfriend.  It was Beltane at the time, so I had spent 3 days fasting and preparing for a Beltane ritual.   I thought it was a good idea to combine this spell work with the ritual.  The Beltane ritual was celebratory and ended with dancing and drinking mead.  The spell work involved making wax poppets that were tied at the heart and root chakras.  He was to cut the ties between the poppets thus severing the link with the girl.  This was a major work because of the preparation time that went into it.  It took days to prepare for the spell work.


The most important thing to ensure is that the working is appropriate for the ritual you are performing.  It would not be advisable to do a ritual for a baneful petition and then mix it with a love spell working for example.   The next thing to consider is time.  Time for a ritual can be quite lengthy.  To add a working in with the ritual means you need extra time for the working which can balloon the process out by half an hour to an hour.


Of course, spell work can be a ritual in and of itself.  I remember a couple of years back when I had a friend staying with me, we did a ritual to Hestia to get her a new house.   The spell included candle magick, herbal correspondences, gemstones a petition and of course a libation to the Goddess.  This entire spell took 45 minutes roughly and worked itself into a ritual.  The end result was she got a house within the month.


Whether you combine rituals and spell work is really up to you. Just be mindful of compatibility issues between spell and ritual work and bear in mind the time factor can be extensive.


Wax Divination



Ceromancy is a divination method of observing how a candle burns and melts looking for   symbols and subsequent meanings.  The shapes taken on by the solidifying wax are called persistent images.


How it’s Done

You will need a scrying bowl filled with water and a candle as well as an oil to anoint both the candle and the water with drops of an oil commensurate with the purpose for which you are scrying.

Start with anointing and lighting your candle.  Work from the middle up then from the middle down with the anointing oil.  Use the candle colour and the oil as it fits with the purpose so for instance a red or pink candle for love and rose oil as the anointing oil.

Place a few drops of the same candle anointing oil, into the water to activate it.


Candle Colour Magickal Significance
White Truth, purity, sincerity, power and cleansing, spirituality, wholeness, generosity, outgoingness, prophecy, clairvoyance.
Yellow Persuasion, confidence, unity, success, creativity, development of occult powers, invocation, inspiration, concentration
Green Finance, luck, abundance, cooperation, generosity, fertility, ambition, greed, envy, harmony, peace, health, healing
Blue Health both mental and physical, change, truth, inspiration, immortality, loyalty, serenity, sincerity, devotion, kindness, patience, fidelity, honesty, peace, harmony in the home.
Red Sex and strength, courage, energy, impulsiveness, willpower, conceit, vitality, magnetism
Pink Honour and love, affection, service, spiritual awakening, unselfishness, leadership, diplomacy, femininity
Orange Encouragement, attraction, joy, enthusiasm, friendship, stimulation, self-control, adaptability, intellect, receptivity, organisation.
Brown Hesitation, uncertainty, neutrality, balance, concentration, indecision, telepathic power, study, communication, thrift, earthiness.
Purple Spirituality, tension, overcoming obstacles, dignity, ambition, idealism, psychic ability, progress, independence, protection, pride honour.
Black Loss, discord, confusion, adversity, protection from evil, shield from the evil eye, repel black magick.


Essential Oil Magickal Purpose
Acacia Meditation
All-Spice Determination, energy
Almond Wakefulness, prosperity
Anise Clairvoyance
Apple Blossom Happiness and success
Basil Harmony
Bayberry Luck, money
Benzoin Peace of mind
Bergamot Prosperity, protection
Camphor Psychic powers, breaking up relationships
Carnation Healing
Cinnamon Protection, sexual stimulation, meditation
Cinquefoil Luck, money, wisdom
Clary Sage Cleansing, purification
Cloves Aphrodisiac
Coriander Love
Cumin Peace and harmony
Cypress Peace, protection, consecration
Eucalyptus Healing, banishing
Frankincense Purification, exorcism
Geranium Protection, courage
Ginger Passion
Honeysuckle For the mind, promotes memory.
Hyacinth Mental health.
Hyssop Cleansing and purification, breaking of hexes.
Jasmine Love, attraction.
Lavender Healing, cleansing
Lemon Cleansing
Lemongrass To aid psychic powers
Lilac Past lives
Lotus Blessing, consecration, meditation
Mint Prosperity
Musk Sex
Myrrh Purification, breaking hexes
Nutmeg Sleep, third eye awakening
Orange To make someone in the mood for marriage
Patchouli Money, wealth, wards off evil and negativity
Peppermint Opening the third eye chakra
Rose Love, attraction
Rosemary Healing and for common sense
Sandalwood Protection
Sesame Hope
Tea-Tree Healing, banishing
Vanilla Sexual attraction
Violet Love
Ylang-Ylang Irresistibility to the opposite sex


Let the melted wax build up around the wick.  Then let the melted wax that has pooled, fall into the water and solidify.  Now you have a persistent image.

Start by asking questions you know the answers to. Look at the symbols, where they float to and how they relate to each other. The closer to the centre, the further away the issue; the closer to the edge of the bowl, the closer it is to arriving.

Some symbols and their meanings: –

      • Airplane – A trip of a disappointment
      • Anchor – Your loved one is true
      • Arrow: direction, focus
      • Baby – Troubles are coming
      • Ball or Balloon – Your problem will not last exceedingly long
      • Beans – Money difficulties
      • Bed – A vacation would be good for you
      • Bells – A wedding
      • Bird: vision, clarity, news will reach you soon
      • Book: imagination, tradition
      • Boot: travel, work, industry
      • Bridge – Take a chance
      • Broom – Make a change
      • Candle: search for truth, spiritual growth
      • Cat: impetuousness, curiosity, a friend is untrue
      • Chain – Go ahead with your plans
      • Chair: marriage, stagnation
      • Circles: great success, reconciliation
      • Cloud – Something or someone threatens you
      • Coins: material security
      • Crown: leadership, ego
      • Cross: religious quest, do not fear for you are protected
      • Crown – Sickness
      • Cup – Bitter quarrel with a friend
      • Dog: loyalty, dependability
      • Ear – Be alert for an opportunity to advance in your work
      • Egg – New developments soon
      • Eye: soul, introspection
      • Fan – A surprise is in store for you
      • Feather: flight, independence, wanderlust, the problem will be solved
      • Fish – Someone will betray you
      • Flame: creativity, art
      • Ghost – Someone from the past is looking for you
      • Grass – Good fortune is approaching
      • Hand: helpmate, relationship
      • Hat – A change of location is indicated
      • Heart: love, emotion, partnership
      • House – Better times are coming
      • Key: knowledge, education, opportunity
      • Kite – Your wish will come to naught
      • Ladder – Take steps to change your attitude toward an old friend
      • Leaf or leaves: fertility, nature, energy, things will be changing soon
      • Letters: references to the names of friends or relatives
      • Lion – An unpleasant situation is developing
      • Moon: denial, female intuition, more money
      • Mountain – Good friends are willing to help you
      • Numbers: indicators of spans of time, such as months or years
      • Owl: wisdom, isolation, nocturnal
      • Pants – You will be tempted
      • Pen – Expect a letter from a relative
      • Pin – Your lover may be attracted to another
      • Pipe – Peace and comfort
      • Ring – Marriage may be possible in the near future
      • Scissors – Separation
      • Shoe – Be suspicious of a new acquaintance
      • Shovel: manual labour, hidden depths
      • Snake – Be on guard against an enemy
      • Spider web – Pleasant happenings
      • Squares: the need for caution
      • Star: spirituality, popularity, happiness
      • Sun: enlightenment, happiness, children, good fortune
      • Table – An abundance of blessings
      • Tree: family, stability, a good time for new undertakings
      • Triangles: good karma
      • Umbrella – Trouble is coming
      • Vase: material concerns
      • Walking stick – Get out of the house and visit friends
      • Wheel – One who has been away will return soon
      • Witch – Danger will pass you by
      • Worm – Business troubles ahead if you are not careful


(list adapted from Shirley Twofeathers, 2018, accessed 7/5/2020)


Some authors suggest putting the querents natal chart under a clear scrying bowl to see which houses the wax lands in. It gives a depth of understanding for the querent that goes beyond just ceromancy.

Altar Configuration



Generally, when setting up an altar it depends largely on what you are using it for.  If it is a place of worship or invocation, you will need statues in addition to other things.  If it is just for spell work you only need the barest of minimum items such as a wand, an athame, chalices, a cauldron and a boline. Generally, your altar will face North, but you may need to change its facing depending on the working you are doing.  Below is a basic spell work altar configuration.


My altar is used for invocation and worship so it is quite full of items and trinkets and tools.  My altar faces North and has an altar cloth on it, a Baphomet statue, a skull, some candle holders, a chalice, a scrying mirror, a box of precious stones, my pendulum and some sigils.  It also has an athame, a boline knife, a cauldron and a wand made of yew.  I have candles and my astral candle as well as crystals of various types and sizes.

An altar setup is a personal choice.  You can have as many things on your altar as you wish or as few as you wish.  At the end of the day it is you using the altar and therefore it has to be both practical and functional in its set-up.



Consecrating your Altar items


To consecrate your altar you will need;

      • A bowl of black rock salt.
      • A bowl of water.
      • Lit White candles.
      • Hyssop soap.
      • White sage incense.
      • A sage stick


Some of the hardier metal items you would rub with rock salt and rinse with water, towel drying as you go.  Run them through the incense smoke and over the top of the flame so they are cleansed by the elements.  Visualise your items being spiritually cleansed.  You also use hyssop soap to cleanse items.  I also burn a sage stick in the area so as to cleanse the air around the altar space.  Additionally, I will place sigils of Demons around my altar for protection.


What Makes an Altar

All altars start with a nice wooden table.  I use a chest because I have so many altar items, I cannot have them out all at once.   It is advisable, to protect the wood and to set the mood, that you get an altar cloth.  Mine is a giant velvet sigil of Lucifer.


You may or may not need statues depending on the purpose of the altar.  If it is a spell work altar it will not be necessary to have statues.  If it is an altar of invocation and worship, you will need statues of your deities or a Baphomet at the very least.


A scrying mirror will be required or a pendulum to communicate with spirit.  You will need a goblet with libations in it to the deity, a fireproof bowl, a sword or athame and candlestick holders.  In addition, you will need a means by which to safely burn incense.


In addition, in a spell work altar you will have black witches salt, a bowl of water and an astral candle.  You might also need room for figure candles.  On the devotional altar you would have an additional candle as well, a Sabbatic goat candle.


Advantages and disadvantages of multiple vs single card reads


Advantages of Single Card Reads

You get a short synopsis and ending for a situation. This snapshot is all that is required for a time-poor querent.  The onus is then on the querent to make the pre-story subconsciously and explore all of the situations of relevance to their own situations.


There is no ambiguity because the number of variables has been greatly reduced in a one card draw thus alleviating any confusion that the querent may have.  The odds, of being similar to an actual situation in a querents life or decision-making heuristic, is good.


Lack of misleading and obscure symbols is evident when you get a single card (1/78 standard) cards where the number of symbols is amplified the more cards are picked.  This can be confusing for the querent and sometimes the reader who has to link with events past, present and future.


Great for new readers. Getting an in-depth and comprehensive feel for both the mundane playtime descriptors of the cards and the intuitive feelings gleaned from the cards, the better the reader becomes.



Disadvantages of Multi Card Reads

Multi-card reads give deeper insights into a group of situations in the querents life but this is time consuming on a number of levels.  Firstly, its time consuming to the reader who has to link all of these card descriptors to insights based on a reading of the querents life information forwarded in discussion and body language monitored.  Secondly, its time consuming because the outworking of a reading could be any time between yesterday and four months forward.  This is given that the average person who has a healthy attitude towards readings (i.e. does not have too many) has one reading every four months.  Any reader who is honest will not allow readings earlier than this unless it is an absolute emergency.


Multi-card reads may also require you to dig into the querent’s underlying psychosocial positioning and make sometimes incorrect assumptions.  There is also the failure to accurately read body language and especially in this age of advanced technology, the absence of body language however this has been subject to evolution over time with the adaptation into undertone language in text and video chat readings.


Ambiguity especially in reference to the querents future can present themselves with a mutli-card read.  It can lead to the reader telling a story of their own devise.  This is dangerous territory for a reader as it can result in some very abstract or misleading future situations and result in loss of business (if they charge at all, I do not) and negative word of mouth.


Misleading and obscure symbols are a problem with multi card reads.  These days with so many types of cards it is also a source of confusion in itself.  Inexperienced readers fall into this trap as they tend to rely less on intuition and more on obscure texts written to teach the dry mechanics of card reading.


Multi card reads often requires that the readers to be highly experienced with the deck they use and all of its stories and characteristics.  This takes time to achieve.  This is also a great advantage as the world needs more experienced card readers.


As you can see there are both advantages and disadvantages of single card and multi card readings.  Bear in mind when buying a reading you will pay more for more cards pulled.  You also run the risk of ambiguity and confusion as previously discussed.


Fasting and Ritual Preparation




Rituals will work better when you put the time and effort into preparation.  Ritual preparation comprises of a group of smaller rituals that include bathing, clothing, space cleansing, tool blessing and altar set-up.



Fasting is a passion of mine so I thought I would bring it up in this article.  Now I cannot do a full no-food/no liquid fast for exceedingly long so I have modified it to clear liquids only so some broths and some fruit juices and light green tea.  Now I do not advocate this for people who are unwell or are diabetic, they should never fast unless a doctor has cleared it.  Anyway, you may now ask why I fast?  Well I find it helps me purify my body and my mind, it helps me focus and puts me in the right mindset.  Additionally, it makes the ritual or spell work more powerful as it can be done as a powerful offering to the Daemonic divine.



It is important during ritual preparation to have the right mindset.  This involves having a can-do it attitude, intent and focus.  As previously discussed, this can be through fasting but there are other methods to employ to acquire the right mindset.

        1. Chakra cleansing meditation
        2. Grounding
        3. Shielding
        4. Meditation for intent and focus



I am old so I do not feel the need for ritual clothing any more but in my heyday, I had a ritual robe (and still do) that I used for rituals and spell work much like a baker’s apron.  Mine is a fine wool robe of black with a hood.  It is long at the back and sides but looks like a tunic at the front with butterfly sleeves.  You do not need to have fancy robes, but it helps and if you are into ceremonial pomp that is fine too by all means get a robe or go naked if you feel it empowers you.



Whilst I say you can skip the robe that is fine but NEVER skip the bath.  I recommend that you bathe with hyssop or lavender soap.  Wash your hair and shave your body.  Cover yourself in lavender scented moisturiser and get into your ready state for ritual.  I recommend that you use bath salts or radox bath soaks when running your bath and sit there and meditate in the candlelight.


Space Cleansing

Space cleansing is the next element that will help you get into the ritual mindset.  Simply smudging with sage in all cardinal directions, sprinkling black witches salt in doorways and spraying salt water on window ledges will cleanse and protect your space.


Altar setup

I have written another article on altar setup but basically when it comes down to it, the best altar setup is the one you like the most.  I like mine crowded with tools and trinkets. It boosts the pomp of the ritual and brings on the ritual mindset.


Blessing Tools

To bless your tools with each ritual or working is really important.  I rub mine with black witches’ salt, wipe them down with consecrated spell water with pink Himalayan salt in it.  I run each item through sage incense smoke, and I leave them in the light of the full moon to charge and dry.   You make consecrated spell water with pink salt and oil of bitters and one bay leaf.  You leave it for a week and shake the bottle daily until it emulsifies very slightly then strain it into a clean bottle.  It can be used in sprays and liquid form and eucalyptus leaves can be substituted for bay leaves if you need to.

Blessing Water

Tap Water


Blessed water is important in ritual work.  Making it is as simple as dipping a small yew wand into the water and say “Behold this water that is the giver of life.  I ask that this water be blessed in the name of Lucifer.” This method is simple, quick, and effective.   Some variants include adding salt (either pink Himalayan or witches black salt) – this makes the water potent against negativity and spiritual attacks.


Florida Water

A more complicated process is that of making Florida water.  This is used for cleansing, blessing and protection, offerings, healings and removing negativity.  You need,

      • 3-4 bottles of water.
      • 3 cups of rose petals
      • 3 cups of jasmine flower
      • 3 cups of lemon balm or lemon verbena, basil, or mint.
      • 3 cinnamon sticks.


Combine all the ingredients together on a new moon and allow it to sit for a full cycle in a bowl.  Strain out any plant material. Re-bottle the water.


Rosewater for Drawing Love

      • 5 cups of vodka
      • 3 cups of rose petals
      • 3 cups of jasmine


Heat gently for about 10 minutes on an extremely low heat.  Make sure you are working in a well-ventilated area.  Cook for a further 30 minutes and stir occasionally.  Eventually your rose and jasmine petals will give off more smell than the vodka. This is now ready.  Take it off the stove, remove the plant matter and bottle.



Kananga Water

This is used for spiritual cleansing and appeasing spirits of the dead.  It is made from Ylang Ylang essential oil. bergamot and neroli and rose oil.  It is made in much the same way as Florida water and is left to sit under a moon cycle to draw out the essential oils.  Alternatively, you can cook the Ylang Ylang flowers and rose petals in a few cups of vodka. Again, cooking over a low heat until the vodka smell has gone and again working in a well-ventilated area and using a very low heat for 30-45 minutes.  Strain and bottle.

The Use of Ley Lines in Magick

Ley Lines


The term ley lines was devised by archaeologist Alfred Watkin in the early 1920’s.  Ley lines, sometimes called mana lines, are a series of theoretical networks that link a number of sacred sites around the planet. They form a matrix of the earth’s natural energies.   They are thought to be magnetic in nature and are such that birds and animals use them to navigate their migratory routes.  It is believed that ley lines are linked to water and the earth’s magnetic energy.  These lines can carry either positive or negative energy and depict why ancient people chose those sites as sacred.  It is also believed that the convergence of lines culminates in a great deal of energy.  This makes them apt for using in magick.  Ley lines can be detected using pendulums or dowsing rods.


Ley lines are used in Druidic magick to heal the earth and enchant the landscape by joining together sacred places.   They believe there are two currents that can be massaged to re-enchant the landscape magickally.  The first is the solar current, the power of the sun and celestial bodies.  The solar current brings life, energy, vitalisation, and power. The second is the Telluric current which is the energy deep within the earth.  It is purified and strengthened by the solar current.


Magick for us using ley lines is an interesting proposition as not many practitioners outside of Druidic circles, practise this form of magick.  It can be as simple as using crystals found on a ley line.  These are particularly powerful and can be used for healing and positive forms of magick.  If you use crystals on a negative ley line, they can be used in darker magickal practise.


If you dowse or use a pendulum, chances are you can find a ley line or a series of them.  Setting up your altar on these ley lines will ensure you get extra vigour in your magickal workings.


Plants will grow along them, and you will find those plants more powerful when used in your magickal workings.  Additionally, terrestrial and celestial spirits and creatures in general, will use them as pathways by which they travel.  Indeed, you can draw on this magick yourself by standing on the ley lines and soaking up the energy.


Before you approach a ley line, take a cleansing bath or smudge yourself beforehand.  You can use a pendulum or dowsing rod (cleanse it first) at a spot where you think there is a ley line. If the energy is there you can communicate with it using your rod or pendulum.  Make sure you cleanse your tools after you use them.


Ley lines are good for healing magick, drawing love to oneself, abundance, grounding, and cleansing.  If you find a negative ley line (look at the direction the pendulum swings to tell this) you can use it to boost baneful magick.


It is important to note here in the discussion on Ley Lines, that the earth has Chakras as well.  These are located at several pivotal points across the globe.  These are places of immense power that can be particularly useful in magickal workings.  You will find that if you are near to an earth chakra point, you will vibrate to the frequency of that point.   They are said to bring equilibrium and normalise the electromagnetic field of Earth to stabilise our planet’s energy.

Earth's Chakras


With ley lines comes crossroads.  Crossroads are often where two ley lines intersect.  As indicated previously, a great deal of energy accumulates there. This is where many sacred sites are built but it is also useful in magickal workings.  Spells performed at a crossroad will yield more powerful results.  Sometimes the intersection of ley lines will cause an energy vortex to form.  Vortexes are energy fields where electromagnetic energy rising from the earth is said to be portals for celestial and terrestrial spirits.  These can be communicated with using your pendulum.  They also can aid in magickal working.


To sum it up, ley lines are powerful tools to be used in magick if you fancy working outdoors or within sacred spaces.

Black Mirrors

Black Mirror


Scrying is a very ancient art that allows the practitioner to receive messages from the spirit world. The word “scry” comes from Old English and means to reveal or show.

You can scry using many mediums including oil, blood, darkened water. When you gaze into these things over time you will see glimpses of past and future as well as have general message communication.

In earlier times black mirrors were made out of polished obsidian, this was called a shewstone.

To scry with the black mirror you need to focus your attention by removing unwanted thoughts. Once your mind is clear, visions will appear. You will find you can almost get into a trance-like state whilst focussing on the mirror.

Making a black mirror is simple to use and construct.  You need the following items: –

      • A small picture frame with the back removed and the glass intact.
      • A can of high gloss enamel black spray paint.
      • Somewhere to spray the surface and dry the item.
      • Newspaper to catch the excess spray.
      • A small sigil decal of your patron Demon. Mine is Gamigin/Samgina.
      • Some sage oil to anoint the mirror when complete.
      • A black velvet cloth to cover the mirror when it is done so as to keep prying eyes from looking into our plane of existence when not in use.
      • A decal of a scrying demon to place on the mirror frame to boost its power.


To make the mirror you simply apply three coats of black enamel high gloss spray paint to the back of the glass allowing it to fully dry between coats.  Make sure you have plenty of newspaper down on the ground to avoid spraying your floors and walls with the paint.  Once it has dried, I leave mine for three days to fully dry, reassemble the picture frame placing the painted side of the glass down into the frame so the natural glass side is pointing outwards in the frame.  You then decorate the frame with the decal, rub the frame with sage oil and cover it with the black velvet cloth when not in use.  Dedicate your mirror to your patron or to Leviathan, Alloces, Orobas or Astaroth who are the Demons of divination. This prevents ‘other’ spirits from coming through and trying to connect.  If you are using the mirror for necromantic purposes, you will need to dedicate it to Gamigin, Baalberith or Babael.


When you use the black mirror, you need to light incense and a candle which is placed behind you and the black mirror.  Turn out all the lights.  You will need to get into a deep meditative state, even do a ritual beforehand.  You sit and stare into the mirror until images start to appear.  Write down what you see.  Feel free to commence asking questions of the mirror.  Start with simple yes/no questions first and build up to more complex ones.  Remember not to falter in your ability.  If you fail at first as this takes some practice and requires dedication and a keen eye.

Other methods that are administered in a similar way include the crystal ball, bowls of water, oil or blood.