The Use of Pendulums for Scrying

Simple Pendulun


The pendulum method of divination was first established during the late Roman Empire. It involves dangling an object on a string or chain. It is the precursor to the Ouija Board. It is used to locate objects, communicate with spirits and gain contact with your inner subconsciousness for guidance by asking it questions and letting it swing.

You can achieve this by noting down “yes”, “no” and “maybe” on a piece of paper. Before you begin however, you need to consecrate your pendulum by rinsing it in salt water, drying it in the moonlight and passing it through Sage smoke. You would then dedicate your pendulum to Leviathan, Alloces, Orobas or Astaroth or all four if you wish. You do this by incanting the following; “I offer this instrument to [Demon of scrying per the aforementioned] as an instrument of communication, that its words may be true.”

To start with you need to establish what a yes or no answer looks like for your pendulum. Ask the pendulum also what its response for yes is and what its response for no is. My pendulum swings left for no and right for yes and swings in the middle for maybe but sometimes the pendulum can use semicircles clockwise and anticlockwise to depict a yes or no answer so you need to find out first what your pendulum considers your yes/no/maybe responses are. The next thing you do is test your pendulum. This could be by asking simple questions like “Is my name X?” etc.

The pendulum works by accessing your subconscious for the answer and reflecting that in its swings. To use the pendulum you do the following;

      • Hold it in your hand and keep it steady. Steady it with the palm of your other hand.
      • Remove your other hand and let it sit still for a minute.
      • Ask the pendulum what a “yes” is and watch it swing. Note it down.
      • Ask the pendulum what a “no” is and watch it swing. Note it down.
      • Do the same for “maybe”.
      • Ask simple yes/no questions. Meditate on your question and try again. If it doesn’t work the first time then put it away and try later.
      • You can write down numbers and letters of the alphabet as well to communicate with the pendulum once you are more adept with it.

The pendulum is very good for communication with Spirits and it is great for finding things that are lost or hidden. It can be used for dowsing and it is the simplest way to communicate and very effective.

Reasons Why Spells Can Fail

Timing Your Spells


Spells not working does not mean you are a bad witch.  There are many reasons why a spell can fail. You may have many successes under your belt.  It pays to remember these when casting spells.


1.Failure to give a spell enough time to work.

Failure to give a spell enough time to work is a biggie.   Spells need months sometimes to come to fruition and will not come to fruition until they are ready to and until you are ready for them.   I have had many students over my time that expect instant results in their spell work.  The spells often need months and even years to be successful.  This is why I always recommend the “set and forget” strategy.  You must be prepared to let a spell run its course.  Sure you set time frames for your spells but you must be patient.  Patience is one of the biggest things spell casters today need in orchestrating their magickal workings.


2. Being Vague

Being vague in your spell casting will also cause it to fail.  Intention is the magic word here.  To many divergent intentions and not enough intention will cause a spell to fail. Stick to the who, what, when, where and why proforma when writing a spell and casting it.  Do not be vague and keep your intentions uncluttered and simple.


3. Not Being Ready

Also casting when you don’t feel ready is another biggie.  You have to be in the mood for casting, it is imperative. Also you have to be ready to receive your working.  I am constantly amazed at how much shadow work begins after a spell is cast to make the receiver ready for the outworking of their spell.  I recently had a student who wants a life partner.  The amount of shadow work now being done with her has made her a better and more receptive person to having a partner by addressing issues in her life that may deter a partnership from being successful because of old baggage.  She is simply not yet ready for a life partner and as such the spell is manifesting as shadow work to prepare her for the outworking of her magick.  It is wonderful to see.


4. Heightened Emotional States

Stress, worry and nagging thoughts can also nullify your magic in a big way.  Setting it and forgetting it is the best solution.  Failure can be due to heightened emotional states that are disruptive.  Fear and doubt come to mind and stress over whether a spell is working.  Once I helped with a curse jar for a friend to hex her ex husband who was a horrible and violent man.  She worried so much about the spell she attracted negative energy to herself and things started to go awry for her personally instead of her ex husband.   So we had to collapse the spell work, clear the negative energy and start over.


5. Failing Belief

Your belief failing you is another one, if on some subconscious level you do not believe your spells will work then they wont.  That is simple cause and effect.


6. Impossible Dreams

Another problem i find is casting for things that are impossible to have.  If the magick you are doing contradicts physical laws then you will find your magic will fail miserably.  For example it may be impossible to make someone love you who can’t love you.  Under these circumstances you would have an impossible dream because bending someone else’s will tends to contradict physical laws.  This is not to say you can’t have love spells, of course you can.  Quite often however the spell can go awry and you end up with a case of uncomfortable obsession with you.  Spells for love do work but you have to pick your target carefully- i.e. there must be something there to start with and work with.  Forcing someone who doesn’t love you to love you however has proven to be much harder and nigh on impossible.


7. Too Much Specificity

Being too specific can cause a spell to halt, yes you need to be specific in magick but you also can suffer from being too specific thus making a spell impossible to work because it does not have enough leeway to operate fully.  Being specific is an art form.  Limit it to who, what, where, when and why.  Keep out the extraneous detail and the minutia.  Some spells that are too specific will eventually contradict physical laws.


8. Working Environment

An environment with a lot of noise and chaos can detract from spell casting.  If you are having problems with your house mates or your environment being too noisy and chaotic you need to nullify this.   One interesting suggestion is to put a bowl of black salt under the bed of the guilty party or simply binding them before a ritual begins will nullify noise and chaos in the environment.  This is also where using an astral temple will work wonders for spell casting.  An astral temple is a place you create in your mind where you can perform magick without fear of noise or interruption.


9. Baneful Spirits

Accidentally attracting baneful spirits to your work is a real risk you take.  Make sure you cast a circle and cleanse your working environment before you start casting a spell.  There are a multitude of baneful spirits out there who seek to disrupt magic.


10. Failure to Research Properly

Failure to research properly is a big area of failure.  Candle correspondences and moon phases, zodiac timing, days of the week and correspondences in general should all be researched before casting a spell.


11. Failure To Cast From Your Power Centre

You must always cast from your power centre.  This is your intent, will and physical energy source.  Make sure you chakras are aligned, make sure your energy is clean and grounded.  Ensure you are casting from your power centre to ensure success.


12. Reaching Beyond Your Ability

Finally reaching beyond your magical abilities to cast a spell that you may not be ready for is one of the biggest problems we face today.  People want things instantly and it is no different with magick.  You need to be ready to receive the outworking of a spell and you need to be aware of physical laws that prohibit some magic (e.g. bending spoons, telekinesis etc).  These kinds of spells are an extreme example of spells that reach beyond your ability to cast.


Overall there are several reasons why spells wont work.  Read this check-list with a view to improving the outworking of your spell casting.




Mudras and Their Use In the Occult

Mudras are hand gestures used in meditation to focus the body’s energy toward a given goal. There are hundreds of mudras and they are worth researching. They are commonly used in yoga and eastern practices but have become popularised in western cultures as well. Mudras have become popular in occult practises also. Mudras are useful as they can help you open your chakras, focus your energy and bring health and healing.

The term mudra comes from the Sanskrit meaning band or seal. If you combine mudras with mantras you can have a mind blowing meditative experience.

There is occult symbology in Mudras.  For instance when you look at your hand, the fingers represent earth, water, fire, air and space or spirit.   You direct these elemental energies using hand gestures or mudras.  Some useful mudras are as follows;

Abhaya mudra – For protection and peace.

Abhaya mudra


Anjali Mudra – This mudra reflects the self and unites all the body’s energy.

Anjali Mudra


Apana Mudra – This is to purify and cleanse memories and emotions.  You use the same configuration for both hands.

Apana Mudra


Dharmachakra Mudra – Although this is a religious gesture for Buddhists it is also used to create a sense of timelessness.

Dharmachakra Mudra


Dhyana Mudra – This mudra is for concentration in meditation.

Dhyana Mudra


Ganesha Mudra – For self confidence and courage, to remove obstacles and aid in prosperity.

Ganesha Mudra


Gyan Mudra – This mudra is for knowledge, wisdom and consciousness. It helps with concentration and remembering information.

Gyan Mudra


Hakini Mudra – concentration while speaking to entities.

Hakini Mudra


Jnana Mudra – This is called the gesture of consciousness and it brings calm to your thoughts and improve the state of mind. This is used in grounding as it represents the root chakra.

Jnana Mudra


Kalesvara Mudra – For calming the mind.

Kalesvara Mudra


Karana mudra – This is the sign of the horns for warding off evil and bad luck.

Karana mudra


Ksepana Mudra – This mudra is for directing negative energy out of your body and allowing positive energy in.

Ksepana Mudra


Kubera Mudra – For wealth.

Kubera Mudra


Kundalini Mudra – For sexuality.

Kundalini Mudra


Matangi Mudra – Stress reduction.

Matangi Mudra


Mushti Mudra – Anger control.

Mushti Mudra


Prana Mudra – This is used to activate your inner energy.

Prana Mudra


Surabhi Mudra – For fulfilment of wishes.

Surabhi Mudra


Shakti Mudra – For power.

Shakti Mudra


Tarjani Mudra – Wards off evil and bad luck.

Tarjani Mudra


Uttarabodhi Mudra – For enlightenment.

Uttarabodhi Mudra


Vaayu Mudra – This mudra is for calmness and restfulness.

Vaayu Mudra


Vajra Mudra – For balancing the five elements where the fingers represent earth, water, air, fire and spirit.

Vajra Mudra


Vishnu Mudra – Use the right hand as it symbolises the absorption of positive energy. This connects three chakras, root, sacral and solar plexus chakra.

Vishnu Mudra


Vitarka Mudra – For all that embodies logic.

Vitarka Mudra


Yoni Mudra – is all about stress and depression reduction. It rejuvenates your mind.

Yoni Mudra

There are also head mudras, body mudras, heart mudras and perineal mudras. However to discuss these we would be getting into the realm of yoga which is a topic for future discussion.

You can use all of these mudras in your occult practise during meditation and they will aid your intent and balance you.

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Interacting With Spirits Subconsciously


Spirits provide us with guidance, direction and support in our lives. Often times our contact with them is on a subconscious level. This can be through dreams, unscheduled astral travelling and through symbols and omens in our lives that we see regularly. An example of this is a friend who constantly saw the number 111 occurring everywhere after her husband died which meant that spiritual awakening and enlightenment. It is also an angelic message to be aware of persistent thoughts and ideas as they are manifesting quickly into your reality.

We all have spirit guides which are quintessential forces and aspects of our lives that teach us, warn and support us in order to help us grow. In addition to these we interact with other spirits during our dreams and in other ways in our lives.

There are several types of spirits we will encounter. These include;

      • Trans-species spirits that represent themselves as half man half animal entities. For example the Egyptian gods, Pan and other tarns-species beings.
      • Animal totems like wolves and cats etc.
      • Light beings that help you move through trauma. These are commonly also guardian angels.
      • Ancestral spirits that have a blood connection to us.
      • Archetypal God spirits like angels and demons.
      • Ascended masters who have lived on this earth and gone through spiritual awakening.


This is one of the most common ways we interact with the spirit world. This is often where spirits talk to us the most. How this is analysed is by looking for common themes in your dreams that often provide you with messages from spirit. For example if you are dreaming of obstructions on a road or rail road you are being told that there are obstacles standing in the way of achieving your goals. Useful sites abound on the internet that tell you the meanings of your dream imagery. How you do this yourself is by looking at the most common theme in your dream to determine the nature of the message. Questions to ask yourself in interpreting these symbols are;

      • What are you doing in your dreams?
      • What are the main symbols of your dreams? Don’t get bogged down by the minutia of minor symbols. Look for the major ones that recur constantly.
      • What emotions do the symbols evoke in you?
      • Are there any solutions provided by your dreams?

There are definite messages to be had by analysing your dreams and you can look at sites like where you can get help interpreting your dream symbols.


Astral Travel
Here I am not talking about deliberate astral travel but subconscious astral travel. Astral Travel or OBE (out of body experiences) are an extension of our dreams. It has happened to everyone at some point where they feel like they are flying and they visit places and spirits that trying to send you messages. The analysis and interpretation of the symbology is the same as for regular dreams. You need to find the most commonly occurring themes and symbols. Sometimes you will get direct messages. A few years ago a very much beloved pet passed away. I was beside myself with grief. One night I astral travelled to the spirit world subconsciously and saw my pet laying under a tree in a sunny field. She communicated with me that she was happy and missed me but that she was okay. After this I stopped grieving for her and felt happiness within. I also had the same experience when my father died. He was an ancestral spirit that came to me to say goodbye. It was a powerful experience that left me reeling for days. This was an astral travel dream. The messages were direct and the symbology matched the interpretation of the experience.


Mindfulness Meditation
I often meditate to gain a closer relationship with spirit. I find that I often am able to connect to demons and my higher guardian demon (HGD) this way. Once I was contacted by Gamigin after working with sigils one day. I was meditating on a variety of sigils and suddenly Gamigin appeared to me. His was one of the sigils I was focussing on. I was excited as the outcome was unexpected. I was able to spend time in meditation focussing on him and receiving messages. I was able to get answers to my questions using scrying techniques after that initial contact and I had a very deep emotional connection with the experience.


Nature Immersion
Immersion in nature often brings us closer to spirit without even realising it. We will see common themes that come forward as messages. For instance I was walking through the bush one day and I saw a crow flying close by me. It was so close I could touch it. This represented the darker elements of self, change and growth which is what I was experiencing at the time. Look for common themes in nature, there are often many we don’t pick up on like finding coloured feathers on the ground, finding crystals, certain animals also. Many signs in nature are spirits communicating with us.


Plants that assist with accessing the spirit world, like Ayahuasca, Marijuana and other psychoactive drugs like psilocybin, are often useful in contacting spirit. This has been the province of shamans for many centuries.  I often find when I partake in plant gnosis it is heavy with symbology and I end up getting useful messages for people this way from the spirit world.  The way you analyse this experience is the same as with dreams and astral travel.


Symbols and common themes are the cornerstone of spiritual communication. Watch out for them and become like our ancestors who were very much in touch with symbols and dreams in nature and spirit. One of the most powerful experiences I have had with this is during meditation when Lucifer came to me. I was so touched by the experience that I cried for days. It was very cathartic and cleansing and after that I grew spiritually in ways I never expected.

Patience as a Practice of Intent


Patience is a little discussed aspect of magick.  All magick once done should be forgotten once done as repeated magickal interference can cause your magick to go awry.

Recently I have been taught the lesson of patience and it wasn’t until one of my best friends and sisters pulled me up and said to give thanks for magickal workings like they have had the outcome you want.  It is part of the process of intent; in fact patience is an extension of intent.

Patience is a practice in trust.  Trust in the ability of the spirits you work with to bring to fruition your magickal hopes and dreams.  Patience is an act of intent too.  How we act when we are waiting for something determines the outcome of what we get.  If we lack patience we lack faith and trust in our workings and those helping us with the workings.  Patience is of utmost importance in magickal workings.

Faith is the substance of hope which is the knowledge that what we have enacted in magick will be done as we wish.  As above so below.  We speak things into being with our magick and intent and words and actions so if we speak like its done, act like its done and enact patience it will be done.

So patience, bring it on!

The Left-Hand Path Makes You Whole

Shadow Self


You are familiar with the term shadow work well the LHP is all about shadow work. Shadow work is where you address yourself as a whole, light and dark or disowned aspects of self. It was a concept first discussed by Jung. We normally would never engage in shadow work as a non LHP devotee however with the LHP it is essential in improving self by accepting those parts of ourselves that we would otherwise hide or discard.

I have been in the LHP for 38 years and never have I felt more complete than I do now. This is partly because the left hand path has pushed me to be a more improved model of myself through shadow work and the use of magick.

One of the primary benefits of being a left-hand path practitioner is that I am not locked into the myopic and restrictive rules and practises of mainstream religion. I am free to be myself and practice as I wish as it is a solitary path.

Traditional religious practises, like Christianity, are designed for followers and not for free thinkers. I was a practising Christian before I discovered the occult and I never quite felt like I fitted their paradigm. In addition many things happened that made me rethink my worship practices – for instance they took my first child and adopted her out because I was a single mother and they forced me to have multiple exorcisms which were psychologically damaging to say the least.

Nothing in Christianity helped me improve as a person as I was to fit myself into a myopic set of morals, ethics and principles. The tunnel vision of most Christian faiths is lacking and its like fitting a round peg into a square hole. I hate the organisation and blatantly unquestioning following of right-hand path faiths.

The left-hand path liberates you and sets you free to mould yourself into something better and something more flexible. I am free to curse, bless or make whole, I am free to be who I want to be. The left-hand path makes me whole!

What To Do After You Cast A Spell


The first thing you need to do is forget it. Completely and utterly. Put it away so you don’t think about it at all so it doesn’t become an obsession and get flooded with other magick with the potential to cause failure.

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is throwing more magick at a situation in a frenzy to get it to work. Too much energy spent on the spell can cause it to fail unless the spells are to do with differing aspects of the outcome you want.

You need to get rid of all spell workings. You can do this a number of ways:-

        • Marriage, family, health spells – bury the results and ashes in your front yard.
        • New love, new career, marriage proposal spells, health spells – bury the ashes in your back yard or in running water,
        • Curses and banishments, bindings – bury in a cemetery or in a pond or swamp, leave on a railway track, leave on a crossroads.
        • Curses of a target, love spells, protection spells, influence or manipulation spells – get buried in the targets yard or at a crossroads or on a railway track where you want the spell to work in a given direction.
        • With offerings, leave them outside for the animals and birds to get them.

Once you have done a spell and have managed to bury or destroy your spells tools and correspondences, forget about it completely even in you have to meditate to forget it.



Over two thousand years ago in the Northern Hemisphere the Irish, English and French celebrated their new year on November 1st. Prior to new years day they celebrated Samhain which was to ward off ghosts and evil spirits by dressing up in costumes and dancing around a bonfire where sacrifices of crops and animals were made. In the Southern Hemisphere this day is celebrated on the 1st of May.

The Catholics stole the tradition and named it All Saints day. This happened under Pope Gregory III in the eighth century. However, in ancient times the day was sign-posted as the end of summer harvests and the beginning of winter. This was a time that was associated with death of the earth and of life. During this time it was believed, that the veil between the living and dead was thinned and the ghosts of the dead return to earth.

During Samhain the druids and spiritual leaders would make many predictions as they believed this to be made possible by the thinning of the veil. This proved to be a source of comfort for the tribesmen during the dark. cold winter.

Later in history the Romans conquered many of the Celtic tribes and incorporated their festivals and celebrations with their own. Feralia is one day at the end of October where the Romans celebrated the dead. An additional day was Pomona to the Roman Goddess Pomona whose symbol is the apple. This is where the notion of apple bobbing during Halloween came about.

In 608 the Catholics took the pagan celebrations and made it a day of reverence to all martyrs and later combined with all saints and was moved to November 1st. Since that time the Catholics then named November 2nd as a day to honour the dead. Called All Souls day, which was used by the Catholics to quash the Celtic holiday of Samhain. In middle English All Saints Day became coined as Alholowmesse which was later truncated to All-Hallows Eve and eventually Halloween.

The most popular version of Halloween came to the new colonies of America. The beliefs and customs of differing European groups amalgamated nicely with the belief systems of the native American Indians. This meant a very unique perspective on Halloween was celebrated. This was where parties were held that featured the telling of stories of the dead, ghost stories and mischief making. It was not until the middle of the 19th century when Halloween became more popular in American culture with the influx of Irish immigrants who heavily influenced the geographical spread of the celebration.


Ritual Ambience and Meditation Music


Ritual ambience is important for ritual work. I personally like to work with shamanistic drumming but you may also like to listen to enns or listen to ritualistic dark ambient music to help you get into the groove for ritual work.

Here are a few suggestions from me on the types of ritual music you would benefit from listening to.





Ritual music choice is individual. However I hope you enjoy these selections for your ritual meditation and ritual music.

If you are looking for good meditations I cannot go beyond listening to binaural beats and also;




You can even use these for past life regression exercise, meditation and ritual tuning as well as lucid dreaming.