Wax Divination



Ceromancy is a divination method of observing how a candle burns and melts looking for   symbols and subsequent meanings.  The shapes taken on by the solidifying wax are called persistent images.


How it’s Done

You will need a scrying bowl filled with water and a candle as well as an oil to anoint both the candle and the water with drops of an oil commensurate with the purpose for which you are scrying.

Start with anointing and lighting your candle.  Work from the middle up then from the middle down with the anointing oil.  Use the candle colour and the oil as it fits with the purpose so for instance a red or pink candle for love and rose oil as the anointing oil.

Place a few drops of the same candle anointing oil, into the water to activate it.


Candle Colour Magickal Significance
White Truth, purity, sincerity, power and cleansing, spirituality, wholeness, generosity, outgoingness, prophecy, clairvoyance.
Yellow Persuasion, confidence, unity, success, creativity, development of occult powers, invocation, inspiration, concentration
Green Finance, luck, abundance, cooperation, generosity, fertility, ambition, greed, envy, harmony, peace, health, healing
Blue Health both mental and physical, change, truth, inspiration, immortality, loyalty, serenity, sincerity, devotion, kindness, patience, fidelity, honesty, peace, harmony in the home.
Red Sex and strength, courage, energy, impulsiveness, willpower, conceit, vitality, magnetism
Pink Honour and love, affection, service, spiritual awakening, unselfishness, leadership, diplomacy, femininity
Orange Encouragement, attraction, joy, enthusiasm, friendship, stimulation, self-control, adaptability, intellect, receptivity, organisation.
Brown Hesitation, uncertainty, neutrality, balance, concentration, indecision, telepathic power, study, communication, thrift, earthiness.
Purple Spirituality, tension, overcoming obstacles, dignity, ambition, idealism, psychic ability, progress, independence, protection, pride honour.
Black Loss, discord, confusion, adversity, protection from evil, shield from the evil eye, repel black magick.


Essential Oil Magickal Purpose
Acacia Meditation
All-Spice Determination, energy
Almond Wakefulness, prosperity
Anise Clairvoyance
Apple Blossom Happiness and success
Basil Harmony
Bayberry Luck, money
Benzoin Peace of mind
Bergamot Prosperity, protection
Camphor Psychic powers, breaking up relationships
Carnation Healing
Cinnamon Protection, sexual stimulation, meditation
Cinquefoil Luck, money, wisdom
Clary Sage Cleansing, purification
Cloves Aphrodisiac
Coriander Love
Cumin Peace and harmony
Cypress Peace, protection, consecration
Eucalyptus Healing, banishing
Frankincense Purification, exorcism
Geranium Protection, courage
Ginger Passion
Honeysuckle For the mind, promotes memory.
Hyacinth Mental health.
Hyssop Cleansing and purification, breaking of hexes.
Jasmine Love, attraction.
Lavender Healing, cleansing
Lemon Cleansing
Lemongrass To aid psychic powers
Lilac Past lives
Lotus Blessing, consecration, meditation
Mint Prosperity
Musk Sex
Myrrh Purification, breaking hexes
Nutmeg Sleep, third eye awakening
Orange To make someone in the mood for marriage
Patchouli Money, wealth, wards off evil and negativity
Peppermint Opening the third eye chakra
Rose Love, attraction
Rosemary Healing and for common sense
Sandalwood Protection
Sesame Hope
Tea-Tree Healing, banishing
Vanilla Sexual attraction
Violet Love
Ylang-Ylang Irresistibility to the opposite sex


Let the melted wax build up around the wick.  Then let the melted wax that has pooled, fall into the water and solidify.  Now you have a persistent image.

Start by asking questions you know the answers to. Look at the symbols, where they float to and how they relate to each other. The closer to the centre, the further away the issue; the closer to the edge of the bowl, the closer it is to arriving.

Some symbols and their meanings: –

      • Airplane – A trip of a disappointment
      • Anchor – Your loved one is true
      • Arrow: direction, focus
      • Baby – Troubles are coming
      • Ball or Balloon – Your problem will not last exceedingly long
      • Beans – Money difficulties
      • Bed – A vacation would be good for you
      • Bells – A wedding
      • Bird: vision, clarity, news will reach you soon
      • Book: imagination, tradition
      • Boot: travel, work, industry
      • Bridge – Take a chance
      • Broom – Make a change
      • Candle: search for truth, spiritual growth
      • Cat: impetuousness, curiosity, a friend is untrue
      • Chain – Go ahead with your plans
      • Chair: marriage, stagnation
      • Circles: great success, reconciliation
      • Cloud – Something or someone threatens you
      • Coins: material security
      • Crown: leadership, ego
      • Cross: religious quest, do not fear for you are protected
      • Crown – Sickness
      • Cup – Bitter quarrel with a friend
      • Dog: loyalty, dependability
      • Ear – Be alert for an opportunity to advance in your work
      • Egg – New developments soon
      • Eye: soul, introspection
      • Fan – A surprise is in store for you
      • Feather: flight, independence, wanderlust, the problem will be solved
      • Fish – Someone will betray you
      • Flame: creativity, art
      • Ghost – Someone from the past is looking for you
      • Grass – Good fortune is approaching
      • Hand: helpmate, relationship
      • Hat – A change of location is indicated
      • Heart: love, emotion, partnership
      • House – Better times are coming
      • Key: knowledge, education, opportunity
      • Kite – Your wish will come to naught
      • Ladder – Take steps to change your attitude toward an old friend
      • Leaf or leaves: fertility, nature, energy, things will be changing soon
      • Letters: references to the names of friends or relatives
      • Lion – An unpleasant situation is developing
      • Moon: denial, female intuition, more money
      • Mountain – Good friends are willing to help you
      • Numbers: indicators of spans of time, such as months or years
      • Owl: wisdom, isolation, nocturnal
      • Pants – You will be tempted
      • Pen – Expect a letter from a relative
      • Pin – Your lover may be attracted to another
      • Pipe – Peace and comfort
      • Ring – Marriage may be possible in the near future
      • Scissors – Separation
      • Shoe – Be suspicious of a new acquaintance
      • Shovel: manual labour, hidden depths
      • Snake – Be on guard against an enemy
      • Spider web – Pleasant happenings
      • Squares: the need for caution
      • Star: spirituality, popularity, happiness
      • Sun: enlightenment, happiness, children, good fortune
      • Table – An abundance of blessings
      • Tree: family, stability, a good time for new undertakings
      • Triangles: good karma
      • Umbrella – Trouble is coming
      • Vase: material concerns
      • Walking stick – Get out of the house and visit friends
      • Wheel – One who has been away will return soon
      • Witch – Danger will pass you by
      • Worm – Business troubles ahead if you are not careful


(list adapted from Shirley Twofeathers, 2018, https://shirleytwofeathers.com/The_Blog/divination/ceromancy-reading-candle-wax/ accessed 7/5/2020)


Some authors suggest putting the querents natal chart under a clear scrying bowl to see which houses the wax lands in. It gives a depth of understanding for the querent that goes beyond just ceromancy.

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