Advantages and disadvantages of multiple vs single card reads


Advantages of Single Card Reads

You get a short synopsis and ending for a situation. This snapshot is all that is required for a time-poor querent.  The onus is then on the querent to make the pre-story subconsciously and explore all of the situations of relevance to their own situations.


There is no ambiguity because the number of variables has been greatly reduced in a one card draw thus alleviating any confusion that the querent may have.  The odds, of being similar to an actual situation in a querents life or decision-making heuristic, is good.


Lack of misleading and obscure symbols is evident when you get a single card (1/78 standard) cards where the number of symbols is amplified the more cards are picked.  This can be confusing for the querent and sometimes the reader who has to link with events past, present and future.


Great for new readers. Getting an in-depth and comprehensive feel for both the mundane playtime descriptors of the cards and the intuitive feelings gleaned from the cards, the better the reader becomes.



Disadvantages of Multi Card Reads

Multi-card reads give deeper insights into a group of situations in the querents life but this is time consuming on a number of levels.  Firstly, its time consuming to the reader who has to link all of these card descriptors to insights based on a reading of the querents life information forwarded in discussion and body language monitored.  Secondly, its time consuming because the outworking of a reading could be any time between yesterday and four months forward.  This is given that the average person who has a healthy attitude towards readings (i.e. does not have too many) has one reading every four months.  Any reader who is honest will not allow readings earlier than this unless it is an absolute emergency.


Multi-card reads may also require you to dig into the querent’s underlying psychosocial positioning and make sometimes incorrect assumptions.  There is also the failure to accurately read body language and especially in this age of advanced technology, the absence of body language however this has been subject to evolution over time with the adaptation into undertone language in text and video chat readings.


Ambiguity especially in reference to the querents future can present themselves with a mutli-card read.  It can lead to the reader telling a story of their own devise.  This is dangerous territory for a reader as it can result in some very abstract or misleading future situations and result in loss of business (if they charge at all, I do not) and negative word of mouth.


Misleading and obscure symbols are a problem with multi card reads.  These days with so many types of cards it is also a source of confusion in itself.  Inexperienced readers fall into this trap as they tend to rely less on intuition and more on obscure texts written to teach the dry mechanics of card reading.


Multi card reads often requires that the readers to be highly experienced with the deck they use and all of its stories and characteristics.  This takes time to achieve.  This is also a great advantage as the world needs more experienced card readers.


As you can see there are both advantages and disadvantages of single card and multi card readings.  Bear in mind when buying a reading you will pay more for more cards pulled.  You also run the risk of ambiguity and confusion as previously discussed.


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