Fasting and Ritual Preparation




Rituals will work better when you put the time and effort into preparation.  Ritual preparation comprises of a group of smaller rituals that include bathing, clothing, space cleansing, tool blessing and altar set-up.



Fasting is a passion of mine so I thought I would bring it up in this article.  Now I cannot do a full no-food/no liquid fast for exceedingly long so I have modified it to clear liquids only so some broths and some fruit juices and light green tea.  Now I do not advocate this for people who are unwell or are diabetic, they should never fast unless a doctor has cleared it.  Anyway, you may now ask why I fast?  Well I find it helps me purify my body and my mind, it helps me focus and puts me in the right mindset.  Additionally, it makes the ritual or spell work more powerful as it can be done as a powerful offering to the Daemonic divine.



It is important during ritual preparation to have the right mindset.  This involves having a can-do it attitude, intent and focus.  As previously discussed, this can be through fasting but there are other methods to employ to acquire the right mindset.

        1. Chakra cleansing meditation
        2. Grounding
        3. Shielding
        4. Meditation for intent and focus



I am old so I do not feel the need for ritual clothing any more but in my heyday, I had a ritual robe (and still do) that I used for rituals and spell work much like a baker’s apron.  Mine is a fine wool robe of black with a hood.  It is long at the back and sides but looks like a tunic at the front with butterfly sleeves.  You do not need to have fancy robes, but it helps and if you are into ceremonial pomp that is fine too by all means get a robe or go naked if you feel it empowers you.



Whilst I say you can skip the robe that is fine but NEVER skip the bath.  I recommend that you bathe with hyssop or lavender soap.  Wash your hair and shave your body.  Cover yourself in lavender scented moisturiser and get into your ready state for ritual.  I recommend that you use bath salts or radox bath soaks when running your bath and sit there and meditate in the candlelight.


Space Cleansing

Space cleansing is the next element that will help you get into the ritual mindset.  Simply smudging with sage in all cardinal directions, sprinkling black witches salt in doorways and spraying salt water on window ledges will cleanse and protect your space.


Altar setup

I have written another article on altar setup but basically when it comes down to it, the best altar setup is the one you like the most.  I like mine crowded with tools and trinkets. It boosts the pomp of the ritual and brings on the ritual mindset.


Blessing Tools

To bless your tools with each ritual or working is really important.  I rub mine with black witches’ salt, wipe them down with consecrated spell water with pink Himalayan salt in it.  I run each item through sage incense smoke, and I leave them in the light of the full moon to charge and dry.   You make consecrated spell water with pink salt and oil of bitters and one bay leaf.  You leave it for a week and shake the bottle daily until it emulsifies very slightly then strain it into a clean bottle.  It can be used in sprays and liquid form and eucalyptus leaves can be substituted for bay leaves if you need to.

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