Blessing Water

Tap Water


Blessed water is important in ritual work.  Making it is as simple as dipping a small yew wand into the water and say “Behold this water that is the giver of life.  I ask that this water be blessed in the name of Lucifer.” This method is simple, quick, and effective.   Some variants include adding salt (either pink Himalayan or witches black salt) – this makes the water potent against negativity and spiritual attacks.


Florida Water

A more complicated process is that of making Florida water.  This is used for cleansing, blessing and protection, offerings, healings and removing negativity.  You need,

      • 3-4 bottles of water.
      • 3 cups of rose petals
      • 3 cups of jasmine flower
      • 3 cups of lemon balm or lemon verbena, basil, or mint.
      • 3 cinnamon sticks.


Combine all the ingredients together on a new moon and allow it to sit for a full cycle in a bowl.  Strain out any plant material. Re-bottle the water.


Rosewater for Drawing Love

      • 5 cups of vodka
      • 3 cups of rose petals
      • 3 cups of jasmine


Heat gently for about 10 minutes on an extremely low heat.  Make sure you are working in a well-ventilated area.  Cook for a further 30 minutes and stir occasionally.  Eventually your rose and jasmine petals will give off more smell than the vodka. This is now ready.  Take it off the stove, remove the plant matter and bottle.



Kananga Water

This is used for spiritual cleansing and appeasing spirits of the dead.  It is made from Ylang Ylang essential oil. bergamot and neroli and rose oil.  It is made in much the same way as Florida water and is left to sit under a moon cycle to draw out the essential oils.  Alternatively, you can cook the Ylang Ylang flowers and rose petals in a few cups of vodka. Again, cooking over a low heat until the vodka smell has gone and again working in a well-ventilated area and using a very low heat for 30-45 minutes.  Strain and bottle.

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