The Use of Ley Lines in Magick

Ley Lines


The term ley lines was devised by archaeologist Alfred Watkin in the early 1920’s.  Ley lines, sometimes called mana lines, are a series of theoretical networks that link a number of sacred sites around the planet. They form a matrix of the earth’s natural energies.   They are thought to be magnetic in nature and are such that birds and animals use them to navigate their migratory routes.  It is believed that ley lines are linked to water and the earth’s magnetic energy.  These lines can carry either positive or negative energy and depict why ancient people chose those sites as sacred.  It is also believed that the convergence of lines culminates in a great deal of energy.  This makes them apt for using in magick.  Ley lines can be detected using pendulums or dowsing rods.


Ley lines are used in Druidic magick to heal the earth and enchant the landscape by joining together sacred places.   They believe there are two currents that can be massaged to re-enchant the landscape magickally.  The first is the solar current, the power of the sun and celestial bodies.  The solar current brings life, energy, vitalisation, and power. The second is the Telluric current which is the energy deep within the earth.  It is purified and strengthened by the solar current.


Magick for us using ley lines is an interesting proposition as not many practitioners outside of Druidic circles, practise this form of magick.  It can be as simple as using crystals found on a ley line.  These are particularly powerful and can be used for healing and positive forms of magick.  If you use crystals on a negative ley line, they can be used in darker magickal practise.


If you dowse or use a pendulum, chances are you can find a ley line or a series of them.  Setting up your altar on these ley lines will ensure you get extra vigour in your magickal workings.


Plants will grow along them, and you will find those plants more powerful when used in your magickal workings.  Additionally, terrestrial and celestial spirits and creatures in general, will use them as pathways by which they travel.  Indeed, you can draw on this magick yourself by standing on the ley lines and soaking up the energy.


Before you approach a ley line, take a cleansing bath or smudge yourself beforehand.  You can use a pendulum or dowsing rod (cleanse it first) at a spot where you think there is a ley line. If the energy is there you can communicate with it using your rod or pendulum.  Make sure you cleanse your tools after you use them.


Ley lines are good for healing magick, drawing love to oneself, abundance, grounding, and cleansing.  If you find a negative ley line (look at the direction the pendulum swings to tell this) you can use it to boost baneful magick.


It is important to note here in the discussion on Ley Lines, that the earth has Chakras as well.  These are located at several pivotal points across the globe.  These are places of immense power that can be particularly useful in magickal workings.  You will find that if you are near to an earth chakra point, you will vibrate to the frequency of that point.   They are said to bring equilibrium and normalise the electromagnetic field of Earth to stabilise our planet’s energy.

Earth's Chakras


With ley lines comes crossroads.  Crossroads are often where two ley lines intersect.  As indicated previously, a great deal of energy accumulates there. This is where many sacred sites are built but it is also useful in magickal workings.  Spells performed at a crossroad will yield more powerful results.  Sometimes the intersection of ley lines will cause an energy vortex to form.  Vortexes are energy fields where electromagnetic energy rising from the earth is said to be portals for celestial and terrestrial spirits.  These can be communicated with using your pendulum.  They also can aid in magickal working.


To sum it up, ley lines are powerful tools to be used in magick if you fancy working outdoors or within sacred spaces.

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