Black Mirrors

Black Mirror


Scrying is a very ancient art that allows the practitioner to receive messages from the spirit world. The word “scry” comes from Old English and means to reveal or show.

You can scry using many mediums including oil, blood, darkened water. When you gaze into these things over time you will see glimpses of past and future as well as have general message communication.

In earlier times black mirrors were made out of polished obsidian, this was called a shewstone.

To scry with the black mirror you need to focus your attention by removing unwanted thoughts. Once your mind is clear, visions will appear. You will find you can almost get into a trance-like state whilst focussing on the mirror.

Making a black mirror is simple to use and construct.  You need the following items: –

      • A small picture frame with the back removed and the glass intact.
      • A can of high gloss enamel black spray paint.
      • Somewhere to spray the surface and dry the item.
      • Newspaper to catch the excess spray.
      • A small sigil decal of your patron Demon. Mine is Gamigin/Samgina.
      • Some sage oil to anoint the mirror when complete.
      • A black velvet cloth to cover the mirror when it is done so as to keep prying eyes from looking into our plane of existence when not in use.
      • A decal of a scrying demon to place on the mirror frame to boost its power.


To make the mirror you simply apply three coats of black enamel high gloss spray paint to the back of the glass allowing it to fully dry between coats.  Make sure you have plenty of newspaper down on the ground to avoid spraying your floors and walls with the paint.  Once it has dried, I leave mine for three days to fully dry, reassemble the picture frame placing the painted side of the glass down into the frame so the natural glass side is pointing outwards in the frame.  You then decorate the frame with the decal, rub the frame with sage oil and cover it with the black velvet cloth when not in use.  Dedicate your mirror to your patron or to Leviathan, Alloces, Orobas or Astaroth who are the Demons of divination. This prevents ‘other’ spirits from coming through and trying to connect.  If you are using the mirror for necromantic purposes, you will need to dedicate it to Gamigin, Baalberith or Babael.


When you use the black mirror, you need to light incense and a candle which is placed behind you and the black mirror.  Turn out all the lights.  You will need to get into a deep meditative state, even do a ritual beforehand.  You sit and stare into the mirror until images start to appear.  Write down what you see.  Feel free to commence asking questions of the mirror.  Start with simple yes/no questions first and build up to more complex ones.  Remember not to falter in your ability.  If you fail at first as this takes some practice and requires dedication and a keen eye.

Other methods that are administered in a similar way include the crystal ball, bowls of water, oil or blood.


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