Candle Magick!

Candle Magick


Candle magick is probably the simplest form of magick. With candle magick it harnesses the transformational powers of fire to affect change. Candle magick is a form of sympathetic magick where you have a candle standing as a proxy for a person or thing. You can also use the candle as a correspondence in spell work. It is a versatile and effective method of doing magick. For example, if you have a candle with your name on it, it can be used for healing and wealth creation. This is sympathetic magick which is discussed below.

With candles we talk about candle colours as being useful for differing types of candle magick spells. The below lists a few colours and their significance;

Candle Colour Magickal Significance

    • White Truth, purity, sincerity, power and cleansing, spirituality, wholeness, generosity, outgoingness, prophecy, clairvoyance.
    • Yellow Persuasion, confidence, unity, success, creativity, development of occult powers, invocation, inspiration, concentration.
    • Green Finance, luck, abundance, cooperation, generosity, fertility, ambition, greed, envy, harmony, peace, health, healing.
    • Blue Health both mental and physical, change, truth, inspiration, immortality, loyalty, serenity, sincerity, devotion, kindness, patience, fidelity, honesty, peace, harmony in the home.
    • Red Sex and strength, courage, energy, impulsiveness, willpower, conceit, vitality, magnetism.
    • Pink Honour and love, affection, service, spiritual awakening, unselfishness, leadership, diplomacy, femininity.
    • Orange Encouragement, attraction, joy, enthusiasm, friendship, stimulation, self-control, adaptability, intellect, receptivity, organisation.
    • Brown Hesitation, uncertainty, neutrality, balance, concentration, indecision, telepathic power, study, communication, thrift, earthiness.
    • Purple Spirituality, tension, overcoming obstacles, dignity, ambition, idealism, psychic ability, progress, independence, protection, pride honour.
    • Black Loss, discord, confusion, adversity, protection from evil, shield from the evil eye, repel black magick.

Different sources will list different meanings for each of these colours. These are what I use in magic. Now what I usually do is anoint candles with essential oils depending on what I am doing.

Candle magick is a very substantial and very simple magickal technique. Candle magick can be a form of sympathetic magick. Some things I tend to do when using candle magick is, I write abbreviated names or situations on the side of the candle to give it more potency. I then rub the corresponding oil onto the candle in a downward motion. I setup my altar so I have the right incense that corresponds to the oil used and then begin the working.

The types of candles used will be dictated by the type of magick it is. Generally, I will use taper candles however I have been known to use candles in the shape of a person (male or female) depending on the subject’s gender. You can buy these from speciality shops or make them yourself. Since I am in Australia, I have to source these from overseas. You can make the casts yourself out of plaster and pour candle wax into them.

Your candle magick ritual will include research on the hours of the day and planetary correspondences as well as other astrological factors, moon correspondences and perhaps seasonal factors. To set-up your ritual you will need to do the following;

    • Make sure you shower with Hyssop soap or Lavender before your ritual to cleanse yourself.
    • Work on the correct day of the week for example Fridays is associated with Venus so you would do a love working on a Friday.
    • Work your spell during the correct planetary hour. For instance, you would work a general spell for money during the hour of Saturn.
    • Make sure you have the correct moon phase for working. Waxing and full moons/new moon for positive workings such as healings, loosing magick, blessings and consecrations. A waning and full moon/new moon for reversals, banishing, bindings or hexing.
    • Have a quiet spot where you will not be disturbed. I have my altar set-up facing North under a window, so I feel the effects of the moon. Sometimes in the right weather, if you live in a country area, you can set your altar up outdoors.
    • Set up your altar facing North with a cloth, incense and oils. Make sure your altar is consecrated and cleansed before you use it by either sprinkling salt water on it or burning sage over it.
    • Have your candles at the ready with names or abbreviated situations carved into the side of them from the bottom up. For example, if you were doing a money working you would simply write wealth on the side of the candle.
    • Rub your candles with the corresponding oil that you wish to work with according to the purpose of the spell. Start from the middle and massage the oil in a downwards motion then from the middle upwards.
    • Have your astral candle present on the altar to the left of the incense burner. This is the candle that represents you and is often aligned with your zodiac sign (see below).
    • Your candle represents fire on the altar, incense represents air, have a bowl of water on the altar and a bowl of salt to represent Earth.


Zodiac Sign Candle Colour

Aquarius       Yellow and Blue
Pisces             Blue and Green
Aries                Pink and Orange
Taurus             Blue and Gold
Gemini            Red and Blue
Cancer            Red and Green
Leo                    Pink and Orange
Virgo                Pink and Gold
Libra                 Pink and Gold
Scorpio           Yellow and Blue
Sagittarius   Red and Orange
Capricorn      Red and Gold

Because authors cannot agree on what your own astral colour is, it is practical to choose your own colour. This could be a colour you like, or one revealed to you during meditation. Also, sometimes if you are representing someone else in a candle think about the colours they commonly wear and use those as a representation of the other person.

There are different types of candles for different purposes. For instance;

    • Bayberry scented candles – for blessing homes.
    • Beeswax candles – Colour vibration is not used with these candles, instead they are used for special candle magick ceremonies for protection and spirituality.
    • Cat candles – for simple candle spells related to money, sex and luck.
    • Devil candles – used in exorcisms.
    • Figure or Image candles – used to represent your astral self or your own image and also used in a sympathetic manner to cast spells on others. They act like a poppet and can be quite powerful if used in conjunction with the colour vibration candles.
    • Reversible candles – usually a coloured candle dipped in black wax, so it has a black wax coating. Burning these is used for burning away negative influences.
    • Sabbatic Goat candles – used for strengthening your spiritual powers.
    • Wishing Candles – these are knob candles, for making dreams come true.
    • Skull candles – used exclusively for hexing.
    • Witch candles – in the shape of the witch and used for potent love spells.

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