The Stages of Transcendence



I have noticed over the years with friends that they go through several common stages when working toward a more spiritual ascension. I have found those travelling in the more feminine current pick these ideas up more readily and run with them. The female current is an earth current. It exists in all of us to some degree or another. These stages are as follows;

1. Hungering knowledge – a lot of people get stuck here. You see this a lot with armchair magickians, they have a lot of spiritual knowledge but fail to move into the next stages.

2. Ignore the teacher – this happens alot as you gain more knowledge. You may gain insights that surpass the teachers solitary journey however, there are those who stay in the zone of hungering knowledge. They will devour book after book and know all the rituals and the right processes but they never evolve past this point.

3. Confusion – Who shall I ally with?/How do I ally? These are common questions we ask as novices. We grapple with the possibility of taking knowledge further to experiential knowledge. They begin to try things on their own and may find methods better than or equal to what has been taught during the phase of hungering knowledge and ignore the teacher.

4. Communion – During this stage the formalisation of pacts occur and the individual tends to start developing familial feelings for their chosen Patron/Matron.

5. Parental Connection – At this stage they develop pervasive thoughts of their Patron/Matron. This is the formalising of the bond that has gathered momentum from the familial feelings of the bond.

6. Liberation – Many of us have lived under spiritual oppression through the Christian faiths in a former part of our lives, like me. I find during this phase we are liberated from fear and slavery. We treat our Daemons as convivial and warm spirits willing to vie aid.

7. Devotion – Here we begin to see our Daemon in all things whilst riding the earthen current, communing with nature. We begin seeing the Demon as a powerful deity and respond in worship. Not falling to your knees worship but silent veneration of their austere power.

8. Simulation – This is where we achieve communion of the higher self with the Divine and then into self deification. This has come through the process of working with Daemons. We worked with them as equals but we know how painfully more powerful than mere mortal flesh they are.

9. Transcendence – This is where the student might surpass or equal the master or mistress that has brought us so far in our journey. We are self deified. We are in control of all of our faculties in completeness and with discipline. At this time we are masters of our own fates!

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  1. This answered a lot of questions for me. I haven’t read any other blogs that strike a deep chord so effectively and objectively. Will be sharing this

    1. This answered a lot of questions for me. I haven’t read any other blogs that strike a deep chord so effectively and objectively. Will be sharing this

      Thank you for reading my little blog.

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