Kitchen Witchery Basics

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Kitchen witchery is making do with what you have in the kitchen to get magical results. The idea was first offered up by Wicca however it can be applied across the board to other occult belief systems. It can be as a result of cooking foods using magickal ingredients.

Just about any common item laying around the house can be used in kitchen witchery. For instance I sometimes use pegs or potatoes as dolls for simple sympathetic magick. You can use your kitchen to make the most of your magick failing all else.

You can set your kitchen up as your sacred space, growing simple herbs such as Basil for protection and prosperity, Rosemary, Aloe Vera for health and Cacti for protection. You also need to cleanse your space spiritually before you start cooking to remove negative energy. To start with you clear the energy around the kitchen by smudging with sage or lavender and using your besom or broom to sweep away negative influences and by opening windows to remove any lingering negative energies. You should always do this before you start cooking.

Intent and focus are the main tools you need to perform kitchen witchery. You can construct recipes using herbs and in fact there is a herb chart on this site which you will find useful in doing this.

Hang charms in your kitchen for protection and luck, burn incense, keep the space tidy,  arrange herbs in attractive jars. The kitchen is an ever changing symbol of abundance. Always remember to keep it harmonious.

To undertake kitchen witchery you need to;

      • Set your intention.
      • Select food and ingredients suitable for your intent.
      • Make sure you use produce you like.
      • Do a little research on what each type of produce does, for example the humble potato is associated with earth and it can be used for sympathetic magick in the same way a peg or a doll may be used. They represent stability and prosperity. They are good for treating arthritis, boils, burns and cholesterol.  Potatoes are all female. The potato is ruled by the moon and by Virgo. Potatoes can be used to interact with your root chakra.
      • Visualise your intent.
      • Eat your intent.
      • Give the magick time to work.

For magickal cooking be prepared by doing the following;

      • Always cook with a positive attitude.
      • Meditate and cleanse yourself and your space in the manner previously described.
      • Share your magickal intentions with those who are eating the meal.


Some magickal uses of common vegetables;

      • Tomatoes – Prosperity, Protection, Love, Water magic.
      • Capsicums and peppers– Adds heat and energy to spells.
      • Carrots – are masculine and used to balance the solar plexus chakra. It brings creativity, promotes insight and helps ground excess energy
      • Pumpkin/Squash – wards off evil spirits, good for wishing magick. Seeds can be use in prosperity spells. In soups it can be used for strong ties between family and friends.
      • Cucumber – Associated with Venus and the moon is used for beauty.
      • Onions – Prosperity, stability, endurance, protection, banishing, breaking bad habits, purification and health.
      • Swede/Turnip – Protection, ending relationships, moon magick and earth magick.
      • Corn – Protection, fertility and divination
      • Beans and Peas – helps in finding friendship and brings luck. Beans particularly are used to appease the spirits of the dead.
      • Lettuce – Helps calm and centre the mind during meditation and assists in astral travel.

Some magickal uses of common fruits;

      • Berries – Healing, protection, money, psychic workings, warding off psychic attacks.
      • Pears – Love and Lust
      • Plums – Attract love to you and as an aphrodisiac. Relaxed the mind and body.
      • Peaches – Longevity, protection, vitality
      • Apples – Abundance, seeking knowledge from the tree of life, fertility, prosperity
      • Bananas – Guards against depression, romance, money.

These lists are by no means exhaustive but with a little research you can find out the magickal purposes for your fruit and vegetables.

Happy kitchen witchery!!!

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