How Many Readings Are Too Many?



Believe it or not there is a sensible rule I live by and that is not to have too many readings at one time.  The reason for this is the results get confused and the answers will conflict.  It is sensible to have a reading once every few weeks but other than that its best to limit the number of readings you have so you do not have confusion and doubt creeping in.

If you are a magickian it is specifically important that you do not get multiple readings for the sake of not confusing your results or stalling your work.

For some people they need a reading on a daily basis.  This is not wise.  Apart from creating confusion it also casts doubt on any work you are doing.  Its like button pushing counselling, you will consult the oracles constantly hoping to get the answers you want to hear instead of trusting and abiding.  If you constantly seek out readings instead of reassurance you will get confused results and will fail to be reassured.  This is the same for magick.  One magickal working per situation should suffice.  You can also be treading on the work you are doing with patrons and mentors as well by effectively micromanaging their work and the results.


Dealing with Doubt

Faith is the substantive aspect of hope and hope is the extension of want.  Believe it is done and it will be done.  How I deal with doubt is I have cultivated a constant belief in all magick.  I do this by challenging my doubts and replacing them with positive messages about what WILL happen, not what MAY but WILL.  Constantly challenge your doubts with NO! IT WILL HAPPEN when I WANT IT TO HAPPEN.


Do’s and Don’ts

      1. Do not get a reading when you are in an emotional state – that goes with needing reassurance and frustration.
      2. Do not draw more cards or runes or whatever it is you are reading, for extra clarification.  This will only confuse you more.
      3. Make a commitment to reading once and once only for a given situation and to read infrequently.
      4. Do not research your divination techniques looking for the answers you want.
      5. Your readings for yourself are highly subjective.  It is best to get readings from other readers but infrequently, say once every 4 weeks.
      6. Give it time to unfold and happen.
      7. Believe beyond a shadow of a doubt that the work is good and will come to fruition no matter what.

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