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  1. So, I was reading in a book, last night, and came across a chapter that looked awful familiar. Of course, like being hit being hit with the dumb side of a shovel, it dawned on me that I was reading this very topic of discussion. So, I proceeded to grab a pen and paper and jot down these pesky little obstacles that we’ve all, and still do on occasion, to add to this list. There’s a couple of them that are basically the same, but worded a little different. I don’t see where it would cause any unnecessary confusion. So, here they are……
    #1- Interruption of Focus: Maintaining intense focus and mental clarity is imperative, hence, taking the necessary meditation time to gather your senses is vital for success.
    #2- Lack of Practice: Putting in the study and practice helps to keep from fumbling words and motion that ultimately determines the outcome, as well.
    #3- Not Accepting Responsibility: This seems to be more common than one would like to admit. This result is due to the Mage placing blame on another that the Rite isn’t working as speedily as they are anticipating, therefore, claiming the source to be a fake or scam, all the while, dissolving what little was left of said Rite.
    #4- Lack of Faith: Petitions will not receive recognition, if at all, just to satisfy any doubts of a Spirit’s existence.
    #5- Not Following Directions: This includes modifying any pre-written Rites when specified not to, lest you’re fully prepared to re-read Reason #3.
    #6- Self-Doubt: Strong belief and confidence is a boon in the success of the Rite. See Reason #4.
    #7- Spirit Discernment: The Spirit is the one that ultimately decides, through its own judgement, whether the petition is a wise decision and beneficial for the Mage’s actions, especially in the case of curses, hexes, etc. Accidents do happen and an innocent bystander can be caught in the crossfire. Or the Spirit thinks you’re being a spoiled little shit and won’t do it just to get a giggle on your behalf!
    Anyway, I hope this can help answer any predetermined questions or passed on as general knowledge.

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