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  1. I made a demonic prayer cord out of black cloth i was led to do this and tied nine knots in it so thank you for this post just what i needed althrough when i pray to each of the nine divinites i pray from the heart with total respect and honour for them 😊

  2. Can i ask a question how old are demonic prayer cords ? I have black cloth one that i tied nine knots in and i use stephaine s connolly’s the complete book of Demonolatry and Ater votum demonoltry prayers 😊 i put a post up on facebook saying ” did you know the catholic rosary was stolen from deamonoltry tradtion” but just how old are demonic prayer cords ? And how far to they go bk i would be grateful if you could email me the answer aswell on here [email protected] thank you so much may the demonic devine be with you and bless you 😊

    1. Beads were first used by early humans as early as 10,000 BC. The earliest use of prayer beads was in Thera in Ancient Greece. Before that the beads were used in worship by the ancient Hindus in India which brought the concept into Buddhism and it has been borrowed ever since from there.

      It is interesting to note that the word bead comes from the old English bede which meant prayer.

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