Welcome to Dark Gate!!  This site provides lessons for beginners in the Occult.  It is based on my book Dark Gate: The Key to the Left Hand Path. This page is designed to provide 10 units of teaching from the book.   Courses are $150 AUD for 10 units. This gives you a years access to the premium content on this site.


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This site is a learning guide for my book which is called Dark Gate: The Key To The Left Hand Path and most importantly, the site is designed for absolute beginners. The site aims to teach the basics of the left hand path in the occult.



Welcome to Dark Gate

This is a site for beginners in the Left Hand Path who are looking to learn the basics. In this blog I will cover history, mythology, the black flame, gnosis and working with the qliphoth. The site also covers meditation and energy manipulation and I will also cover spell work, divination, sigil making and pacts.